allergy sufferers in Germany


2,000 mites per dust gram


98% of all mattresses are dirty


Watery eyes, itching and sneezing fits — allergies have developed into a widespread disease from which about one third of the population suffers from. And the trend is rising sharply. More concerning is the rising cases of asthma, where the number of illnesses has more than doubled within the last 20 years. Asthma is now the most common chronic disease in childhood.

In addition to other factors such as climate change, mental health, food and the use of chemicals in everyday life, scientific studies also count hygiene among the main causes of allergies.


The Dust Mite Allergy

Dust mite allergy is the most common allergy, after hay fever. If not treated, dust mite allergy can lead to asthma. In Germany alone, there are now over 10 million people affected – and many often do not even know that they suffer from a dust mite allergy.

Every night, humans shed about two grams of dead skin and about three quarters of a liter of sweat, providing food for about two million dust mites that live in and on a mattress. However, it is not the mites themselves but their droppings that can trigger severe allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. We breathe in tiny particles of mite droppings which embed in the mucous membranes of our nose, eyes and lungs. Our bodies react and triggers an allergic reaction — IgE antibodies form and histamines are released.

Good Sleep for Allergy Sufferers

To kill and remove dust mites along with their droppings and other soiling, SWISSFEEL relies on washable mattresses and other bedding products, all developed and made in Switzerland.

More information about the washing process

Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality for SWISSFEEL

Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality for SWISSFEEL

The mechanical-thermal washing process using water and detergents of on SWISSFEEL products has been tested by Service Allergie Suisse, a subsidiary of aha! Allergiezentrum Schweiz. Since 2019, SWISSFEEL products have been awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

SWISSFEEL is the first and so far the only manufacturer in the hotel industry that offers both a range of washable pillows and mattresses and the appropriate washing solution through partner companies at the same time. The mechanical-thermal washing process using water and detergents is the only process that washes mattresses hygienically. Any form of contamination is loosened and successfully removed.

With each washing, the mattress is cleaned of mites and its droppings as well as many other contaminants, making it the optimal solution for dust mite allergy sufferers and all those who count on cleanliness when sleeping.

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