SWISSFEEL Hygiene-Lifecycle

Washing with system

The SWISSFEEL Lifecycle is the tool for optimizing your most important piece of equipment and investment: your beds.

SWISSFEEL is the only provider on in the market to offer fully washable mattresses, toppers and pillows. In partnership with local and leading textile service providers, we offer this service.

The mattresses are picked up directly from your hotel, brought to our partner washing company, and delivered back to you within a short time so your guests can sleep in pore-deep, clean beds. We recommend keeping some spare mattresses on hand while the mattresses are being washed so no room has no mattress.

During the washing process, all solid and liquid residues are dissolved and removed. Thanks to the innovative Swiss mineral foam, all the important functions of the mattress, including its body contour capability and breathability, are not compromised and retained throughout its lifetime.

Mattresses as a Service

Our Partners

In Switzerland, SWISSFEEL has a long-standing cooperation with the Schwob textile company. With their four cleaning locations and other partner companies, we offer our washing services through out the four corners of Switzerland. In Germany, we work with Servitex, the leading association of nine laundry companies across the country.

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