Washing Process

SWISSFEEL is the first and the only manufacturer in the hotel industry to offer a range of washable pillows, toppers and mattresses including a washing system through our partners. Our mechanical-thermal cleaning water and soap washes mattresses hygienically – dust and dirt are washed away and what remains is simply a clean mattress.

Since 2019, this partially patented washing process has been certified as dust mite “friendly” for allergy sufferers by Service Allergie Suisse (a subsidiary of aha! Allergy Center Switzerland).

Not Only for Allergy Sufferers

With every wash, the mattress is cleaned of mites and mite droppings as well as dirt and other contaminants, providing an optimal solution for allergy sufferers and all those who want cleanliness for sleeping.

If desired, an anti-dust mite treatment can be added to the washing process for an enhanced allergy-friendly mattress.

Always like new

From a hygienic point of view, a clean, washed mattress is like a new mattress. The SWISSFEEL washing process removes hair, skin, dandruff, sweat and other body fluids as well as bacteria, viruses, bedbugs and other contaniments from the mattress core and the mattress cover.

Gentle for Product and Quality

The washing process guarantees mattress protection and leaves no residue, which significantly extends the product life. The mattress remains comfortable and clean, a sound long-term investment.

Wellness in Your Own Bed

Our washing process can include a wellness treatment with i.e. aloe vera. The leaf pulp of aloe vera contains approximately 200 active ingredients, including numerous enzymes, minerals, amino acids, essential oils and salicylic acid, which are considered to have analgesic properties. Aloe vera is said to have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, which is deployed during sleep.

Swiss Allergy Seal of Approval for SWISSFEEL

So that clean sleep is really clean. Now also suitable for dust mite allergy sufferers. Certified by Service Allergie Suisse, a subsidiary of aha! Allergy Center Schweiz.

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