Hygiene in sleep

Slept well?

When it comes to good sleep, comfort and hygiene play an important role. A comfortable mattress is as important as a clean bed.

SWISSFEEL’s goal is to raise the comfort and hygiene standards of mattresses, toppers and pillows to a completely new level.

A clean matter

Every night, mattresses have to absorb up to two liters of sweat, hair, skin, and countless other microorganisms, regardless of it’s your own bed or a hotel bed.

In the hotel industry, it is clear that a hygienic and a reliable cleaning solution is needed to maintain the breathability and comfort of the mattress.

100% sleeping pleasure

Wrapping a mattress into an encasing can significantly reduce soiling and contamination, but it must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, dirt will collect on the surface. Encasing is impermeable, impairs air circulation, and reduces comfort.

For a clean and comfortable solution, only a full washing of the mattress is recommended. Dirt and contamination are simply removed and the mattress is clean, hygienic, and usable much longer.

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