Good Sleep
is No Accident

According to a study by Germany’s Fraunhofner Institute, 98% of all hotel guests rank mattress comfort and quality and a pillow menu to be most important. In fact, 50% of guests would be willing to pay more for an optimally equipped bed. Comfort and quality, therefore, are important for sleeping, which manufacturers must meet with appropriate products and technological solutions.

SWISSFEEL focuses on three major pillars: comfort, breathability and washability.

Smiling pretty lady sleep in bed indoors. Eyes closed.
Smiling pretty lady sleep in bed indoors. Eyes closed.

Comfort quality

In order to meet as many different needs as possible, a SWISSFEEL mattress adapts perfectly to various body contours through the combination of Swiss mineral foams and special profile technology.

Each person’s size, weight and sleeping positions are optimally supported by our Swiss mineral foam .

Mattress Products


In addition to the ergonomic features, our mattresses meet the micro climate requirements of a person. Everyone secretes sweat during sleep. Ideally, it should be wicked away to eliminate the negative effects of sweating.

SWISSFEEL mattress architecture allows air circulation, making it breathable.




Textiles become soiled in the course of use and people have the longest and most intimate contact with bed linens.

One to two liters of sweat, hair, skin, dust, bacteria and viruses, and countless other microorganisms such as mites and their droppings collect in and on the mattress night after night. That’s why all SWISSFEEL mattresses are fully machine washable, – unique in the hotel industry.

Washing process

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