Every year, up to 40 million mattresses from Europe alone end up in the trash – a waste of resources and a strain on the environment.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sustainable SWISSFEEL mattresses help to protect the environment and conserve resources, all while promoting restful and healthy sleep.

True sustainability
True sustainability

True sustainability

After many years of reliable use, when a mattress is eventually worn out, SWISSFEEL is the only brand that will take the entire mattress back and ensure that the raw materials are reused.

is sustainable

SWISSFEEL mattresses are made of a special Swiss mineral foam, that is then protected by a fabric cover. So simple, so easy, so good.

This foam is made exclusively in Switzerland from a natural mineral oil, which is OEKO-TEX® certified, breathable, pressure relieving and fully washable. It is the best product for comfort, hygiene and value.

SWISSFEEL mattresses are made of only two materials, fabric and mineral foam, both of which can easily be washed.

SWISSFEEL also achieves a two fold sustainability.

First, we can extend the use of a mattress. Instead of the four or five years that hotels typically use a mattress, we double the life expectancy of out mattresses with one wash, and triple it with a second. Washing mattresses, as opposed to buying new ones, not only conserves nature and resources, but also saves money.

Those with specific hygiene concerns can wash as often as they would like, for example every year.

Thy SWISSFEEL is sustainable
Thy SWISSFEEL is sustainable

Second we and our partners can completely reuse the mattresses. At the end of its life, SWISSFEEL will take the entire mattress back and recycle its foam and fabric cover. The foam will find a second life either as pillows, upholstery for furniture or insulation material in the construction industry. This means fewer resources needed, less environmental impact, and true recycling – from old to new. Thanks to SWISSFEEL.

Service Allergie Suisse
Service Allergie Suisse

* This product is suitable for those with dust mite allergies, according to the Service Allergie Suisse, a subsidiary of the Allergy Center of Switzerland.

The SWISSFEEL Approach

A SWISSFEEL mattress can be used for about 15 years through regular washing and thus has twice the service life of conventional mattresses. In the entire process chain, we pay attention to the conscious use of resources.

1. Raw materials

We pay attention to the responsible use of raw materials and ingredients. We use neither plasticizers nor additives and can optimize the use of resources through technical production know-how in manufacturing.

2. Production

The production process is carried out according to the most modern standards and is subject to strict norms. We place particular emphasis on minimizing CO2 and raw materials. To be comparably resistant to aging, most cold foams require substantially more raw materials.

3. Transport

Our production in Switzerland not only guarantees the optimum quality of our products, but also ensures manageable transport distances to our customers in Central Europe.

4. Washing

Our service partners are handpicked and our laundry partners are model companies in terms of sustainability. We focus on the lowest possible energy and water consumption as well as the responsible use of washing-active substances.

5. Recycling

At the end of their product life cycle, the mattresses do not end up in landfills for a fee, but are taken back by us and recycled, for example, as insulation material or in athletics running tracks. For an end to the throwaway society in the mattress sector.

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Bett2 036

Our environment is a central concern
Our environment is a central concern

Our environment is a central concern for us as a company. We audit our processes at regular intervals and as part of these audits we ensure the high standards of our environmental management system.

Starting with development and production, through the environmentally friendly implementation of our laundry service, and beyond the end of the life cycle, we consistently invest in the development of sustainable products and the optimization of our processes.

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